Torta Superchocolate, crema y frutillas

Esta es una de esas tortas que salen cuando tenés en mente un resultado determinado y  después de probar y probar distintas cantidades de ingredientes y formas de preparación encontrás exactamente lo que buscas. Es muy pero muy fácil de hacer, y vas a tardar más tiempo preparando los ingredientes que en su elaboración. La masa es esponjosa y húmeda, se puede comer con crema, … Continúa leyendo Torta Superchocolate, crema y frutillas

#Strawberry #Marmalade recipie

mermeladadefrutillasypan2Make marmalade or jam at home is a very simple procedure and can give us the possibility of having an absolutely natural product, without preservatives and with excellent quality. Depending on whether we want more or less thick jams can resort to artificial use of pectin; I like to make jams hundred percent natural with brown sugar and using pectin can be obtained from the same or other fruits.

Pectin is a natural fiber found in plants, seeds and fruit skins. To gel requires the presence of water and a fruit acid. There are some fruits that are high in pectin, such as quinces and apples (not too ripe), and other very low, like strawberries. So the addition of pectin depends on the type of fruit and the result we want to obtain.

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