#Vegan #carob and #peanut #muffins

vegan muffin algarroba2Versión en español, hacé click! Carob is the fruit of carob tree. Is a sweet and healthy substitute for chocolate. There are many reasons to use carob in food. I’m a chocolate lover, but I’m testing a lot of different kind of healthy ingredients. And yesterday I tried out with carob flour, to create a new vegan recipe. And it tasted great!

Carob flour may be used to replace cocoa powder, it tastes similar to chocolate and is a good alternative because it has a lot of fiber, antioxidants, low amounts of fat and sugar, has no caffeine and no gluten. So, it can be used in muffins, cakes, brownies and more. Compared with chocolate (remember I love chocolate), carob has twice the amount of calcium, is free of a migraine-triggering compound and is caffeine and fat free. So, it’s a good choice, especially for people who have digestive or dietary issues, such as gluten intolerance.

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